Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Slow down, you move too fast

Dinner out last night was rather relaxed, and involved eating steak and drinking Guinness in a pub that serves food. I don't want to say "pub food", because it wasn't deep fried and in a basket. I also don't like gastro-pubs, as they tend to be over priced and amazingly pretentious considering that they're still in essence just beer halls.

A little knitting got done on the train home as well.

I'm liking this yarn a lot. Yes, it pools like mad, but it has the graciousness to do it in a cool way, so that I have spirals of colour wrapping around my foot. The stitch definition is fricking fantastic as well. I hope that will hold up after several washes because it would be a pity to see it fade. The colour is wonderfully saturated, and there's a nice twist on the yarn as well.

Downsides? It's kinky. Not in a good way either. The short-ish stretch of yarn between my project bag and my needles kinks like crazy, and involves de-kinking it on a regular basis to avoid knots.

Apart from that, it's all going well!

True, progress is slow these days. I'm just not getting in enough knitting time these days. Working from home was spectacular in that regard. I could happily knit while answering emails and during those quiet few minutes that happen here and there over the course of the day. Making dinner involved walking downstairs to the kitchen.

Now I get up around seven, am out the door before eight, and am not home again til nearly seven in the evening. By the time dinner is made and eaten and a few basic tasks are done, it's almost time for bed. It's not the mammoth commute that a lot of people have, I realise, but I really need to rethink things a bit. How else am I going to knit my way through my queue?!

Perhaps I just need to be a bit more disciplined. Instead of slapping on the iPod and snoozing on the train to work, I need to break out the sock. Considering the number of pairs of socks on the horizon, I can guarantee there will be one in progress in my bag from now til.....I don't want to think when.

This weekend is a don't-have-to-do-anything-really weekend. The plan, then, is to finish the sock above, and my one skein wonder, and get cracking properly on HusBeast's second sock before he stages a protest.

Nothing too challenging, you may think, but setting too many goals leads to panic, and panic leads to haste, and next thing you know you're driving like a crazy person and have part of a tree dragging behind you...

...or at least that's what I've learned from the driver of this van.

The things I see on the way to work in the morning, I'll tell ya!

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Salubri said...

If it's a don't-have-to-do-anything-really weekend - why not pop up to Sligo for CONFESS? :-)