Thursday, September 11, 2008

Winter arrives early

We're in month two of Autumn, and Winter already seems to be trying to assert control.
Now I know that it rains most days, but I think the most telling factor (apart from my plans to go and buy some rain gear next week) is

This is the Rainy Day Scarf that I knitted last year, and it has been brought out of storage already. It is one of the snuggliest things ever, and does a stellar job of keeping errant raindrops from finding my cleavage. Nothing wakes you up faster in the morning than a cold, fat drop of rain smacking into an unsuspecting boob!

I was twice as glad of it this morning when I crawled out of bed. The play last night was great, but meant that we didn't get back to the in laws house (where we were staying) til after midnight, at which point we were both overcome with the munchies and had to rustle up some tea and toast.

Today I'm a little rough around the edges as a result.
I've also been booked in to make the birthday cake of one of the girls in the office. We always have cake in the meeting room on a birthday, which is a great tradition I think. The bakery that we normally buy our cakes from has gone rapidly downhill of late though. We recently discovered that they don't even bake their own bread - they buy it in, ready sliced in bags! What the hell?!

A lot of baking will be done this weekend, methinks.
Perhaps I can justify some new tins as a result?


Jerry said...

Nw tins is good! :-) The scarf looks great! I need to think of pulling mine out of storage now.

BT said...

That warm scarf looks delightful. I am in Ireland and need one now!

Oh go on, buy new cake tins. Hope all went well