Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The week that was....crazy.

I have survived the lurgy!!!

Well, mostly. There are still bits hanging around, like the odd sock or hair accessory you find under the sofa cushions a month after having friends over.

The last week, in Cliff notes version, then.

On Sunday there was the discovery of Erdinger Oktoberfest beer(bier) in my local supermarket.

....and it was consumed. Amazingly yummy. Even better than last year's offering.

On Monday, I went to ballet like a good girl, and had food with HusBeast afterwards in the new Chinatown that's developing in Dublin.

When I got home....my Wollmeise package had arrived. The photos are crap, but I felt the need to capture the moments.

Tuesday saw myself and HusBeast meeting some of our friends from Belfast to go and see The Mighty Boosh (which was fricking awesome) and on to the aftershow party, which I managed to swing tickets to.

Wednesday was when things started to go wrong. Having sensibly booked the day off, and crawled out of bed shortly before noon, I was feeling a little under the weather. I put it down to being "old" and not able for staying out til 4am anymore.
We met a friend in town and went for a wander in the National Museum, which is always a good thing. I love the porcelain tiles in the door frames.

We headed to Starbucks for coffee, at which point I promptly fell asleep in an armchair. We eventually got home, I somehow managed to finish off my first Galaxy sock,

and then collapsed into bed.

On Thursday, I was sent home from work early, and this is my first day back since. My mail accounts are spilling over, and I'm f5'ing on my bank's website because they haven't processed my salary yet.

Damn them.

It has been an odd week overall, I think. Full of events and non-events. Lots of time spent on the sofa drinking hot lemon and being a mucus monster. It was like a 4 day hangover without the craving for a rasher sandwich.

HusBeast's jobhunt mostly came to a halt this week as well. He finally got called for an interview, and 2 hours later got a further call to ask if he could start on Monday. It's not a career by any stretch of the imagination, but it pays and is a damn sight better than dishing out chips to ungrateful customers at Maccy D's.

The really big thing though isn't the fact that he's getting a paycheque again though. It's that he's no longer going out of his mind in the house, thinking that he's terminally unemployable.

I won't object to getting staff discount on books and Lego when Christmas shopping time rolls around either!

It also looks quite a bit more likely that he'll be able to make it over to my work party at head office in December. Here's hoping!

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BT said...

You poor old thing, what a rough time you've had of it. Well, after the beginning of the week, that sounded cool. An after show bash? How exciting.

I do hope you chase the remaining yukky stuff away. Love the Galaxy sock. Fabulous.