Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Something in the water...seriously!

The last couple of days have had some very surreal moments.
On Saturday, myself and HusBeast spent a very cool afternoon in the Hugh Lane Gallery. The collection was together in its entirety for the first time since 1908, which is really a red letter moment. Saturday was the last day of it, so the packing crates were around and about, though everything was still on display.

Tragic to think that a chunk of the collection is now back in various museums around Europe. What is the moral of the story? Make sure you have your will witnessed properly.

Having left the gallery, we ambled around town for a while, and discovered that it wasn't just the curators having a busy day

What I couldn't fit in to this photo were the three other vehicles - two cars and a van - directly in front of these, each with a big yellow clamp as well. Various cliches involving fish in a barrel or ducks in a line sprang to mind.

I came across a most disturbing sight in the local supermarket on Sunday afternoon.

Even though my brave housemate tried to hide it from view, the image of the display was burned into my retinas (gotta love him for trying though!)

Those boxes behind him?

Christmas selection boxes. Fricking Christmas chocolate. In September.

I had applauded their Halloween display a mere 10 metres before, but this just undid it all. While I'm disgusted by it all, my heart really goes out to the legion of parents whose young children spot the offending articles on the weekly shop, and are prompted to start the "is it christmas?/can I have X for christmas?/etc etc etc" routine.

This is the first year that I've seen things so early. It was always tradition that the shops waited til Halloween was over, and the spooky stock sold off before wheeling out the inflatable Santas and reindeer shaped cookies.

Bah and humbug.

The vague and tenuous knitting link in this post? One of my best friends emailled me today to let me know that she's back in the country for the weekend.....and expecting her first!

That brings the number of friends and aquaintances that have had joined the bump club this year to....a scary number that I don't want to think about.

I don't really do much knitting for babies. My schedule is so crazy that no matter what size I choose or how early I start, the little rascals are always growing at a rate that means all they're getting is booties.

I'm going to start planning for this one now though. No idea of gender. Hell, I've known this girl since we were five and she always maintained that she'd rather get another cat than a baby. I was completely blown away to find out that she is twelve weeks along, and delighted to be so. Something nice is called for. Nice and gender neutral.

Will start sussing her out this weekend.

It's almost like being an aunty!

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