Friday, September 12, 2008

Sock puppet

I can't believe that I "kinneared" my own sock on the train this morning, but I did.
The things I do for my readers :)

I'm about to start the cuff ribbing, so sock one should be done and dusted this weekend. Huzzah. I like it when a plan comes together.

Unlike my thus far fruitless plan to buy frozen puff pastry. All the usual deli type places that I'd expect to have it, like Fallon and Byrne no longer stock it. I'll probably end up finding it in the corner shop near my house, just to drive me further up the wall.

If it was shortcrust, I'd just make it myself. Puff is a pain in the arse though, as it involves putting lots of dots of butter in between two sheets of pastry, then rolling it out, folding it over on itself and adding more butter dots, and repeating until the maker loses the will to live. Not something I have either the time or the inclination for this evening. I shall be doing much more important things like making brownies and drinking wine. Too right.

Today was made even more weekend-tastic by the arrival of the postman this morning.

Pictured is my new Ravelry tote bag and a copy of the new Terry Pratchett book, which is actually a present for HusBeast. Shhh!

Yeah, I'm on a book diet, and yeah, I really can't afford to be buying random stuff at the moment, but I did it anyway. Minus one gold star for me.

A weekend of baking, ice cream making and meeting with friends is stretching before me. The weather is even picking up, which is worthy of celebration!

The important question of the day I move on to his second sock, or finish off this baby?

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BT said...

I remember making puff pastry at school and I thought it was a waste of life then! Now I wouldn't even think of making it.

Hmm, the big sock question?