Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fast and furious

ClahPooTee is going should be, considering I spent more time than I'd care to admit on it last night. My progress slows the more rum and coke I drink, plus I was watching "The Supersizers go...Regency" which left me giggling far too much to be able to knit.

I've restarted my second TOFUtsies sock. I discovered that I had a nasty ladder right up one side when I tried it on to see if I was ready for heel turning, and I'm just neurotic enough not to be able to live with the thing, so I frogged it. Frogging is a hella lot faster than knitting. I've restarted it, and it's going well, even though I'm checking for the first whispers of a ladder after every round.

Still loving the yarn. Am totally stocking up on it as soon as I get through my current sock stash. I realise that sock yarn doesn't count, but I currently have one pairs worth on the go, 2 more pairs worth wound into cakes and in a ziplock, ready to start...then there's 8 more skeins of Jitterbug and 2 pairs worth of Natural dye studio.

That is ten fricking pairs worth! I also need to add that this stuff is all for my own personal socks. (I don't give gifts of socks that can't get the "handwash cycle in machine then dry flat" routine unless they're going to a knitter/yarnie)
I have to break my yarn diet next week to get a pairs worth for OH, as he's getting rather fond of the idea of having all nice socks. I'm both flattered and...urgh...boys have such giant honking feet..

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