Thursday, June 19, 2008

In ernest

The packing has started properly today. Before, it was just a collection of wedding presents that were sensibly left in their delivery boxes. Now, it's boxtacular here.

We have quite a lot of stuff, for people that have no actual furniture of a tables/chairs/beds variety. The vast majority is good stuff that we use regularly, and we've given a few bags of random bits that we don't use much or at all to charity. Including a bin(garbage) bag of yarn, which went off to Inga last night. Let me just say that I can be bribed into most things given enough caramel latte!

So the house is slowly but surely filling with boxes. We splashed out and bought a couple of boxes boxes, which has proven to be a very good idea, as everything stacks neatly, and none of them are so big as to let us go to the dangerous place. You know the one I mean...where you're making amazingly good progress at packing away your books and things, and are all chuffed with yourself until such time as you attempt to lift one of the fully packed boxes, and almost get a hernia.

My big news, in a sad and geeky sort of way is that all the "kids" are packed. There's no point in showing you a photo of boxes of books (though I may if we end up stacking them as high as I think we will) but I thought that someone might be interested to know what fifty*coughcough*thousand yards of yarn looks like when you've put it in a giant ziplock and sucked out all the air.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you

my stash!

It weighs....I reckon somewhere between 15 and 20 pounds, and takes up an amazingly small amount of space. Pretty good going as it used to fill 2 underbed drawers, a chest of drawers and random bags about the house. The bag in the picture is supposed to fit a winter weight double (feather)duvet and 4 (feather) pillows, plus the sheety bits with ease.


The hardest part was deciding on what to leave out, and therefore work on, while my lovelies are indisposed. My current stash,outside of the giant ziplock, looks like this

There's the rest of the yarn for my clah-poo-tee, some yarn for a super sekret projekt, and enough sock yarn for 2 more pairs after my current wip.

Should keep me going for a month, dontcha think?



Sinéad said...

I love the vaccuum bags. They were only way I got my monster yarn purchases home from the States last year... Plus, when you look at it in the bag, it's not really that much, is it? Maybe you should get some more... ;)

madonnaearth said...

Dude, the vacuum packing is a little scary, but it rocks. My first thought upon seeing it was, "But what if you have a yarn emergency and you have to break some of it out of there? Is your vacuum going to be packed up? Whatever will you do?"

Then I slapped myself for assuming you would be so careless as to lock up your entire stash. No decent stasher would do that without leaving out a few projects to work on. Silly me.

That vacuum packing is something to look into. I think I'd have a hard time misplacing that one.

Yvonne said...

Surely that's enough for a month, considering all the packing and I presume unpacking that needs to be done!

Marce (BrownBerry) said...

I'd say that's great planning! Well won't miss those other skeins a bit :)