Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Karma, etc.

There have been two adorable booties sitting on the mantlepiece in the living room for over a month now, waiting for nothing more than a decision on whether to add a button or just sew the ties across like mary janes.
Finally, a decision was reached about 15 minutes ago to sew them across, as I wanted them done, and wasn't feeling patient enough to walk to the shop for some suitable buttons.

Today's post was going to be a slight rant about how I had very carefully wound up the remaining couple of metres of this yarn to perform said sewing, but how I am actually a bad knitter(tm) and can't find it. I was then going to post a picture of the booties, looking sad and unloved.

Except karma seems to be alive and well in my house, and eating booties. In less than the minute it took me to leave my chair and look in the top drawer of the adjacent chest, the little purple buggers have vanished.

Poof, gone.

While I could take this as a signal from the universe that I am rather too lax in weaving in the ends of my FO's, I choose to see it as the universe wanting the booties more than I do.

No doubt, they'll turn up in with the saucepans when we're unpacking in our new house.

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Orghlaith said...

Will we get photos of the new house? Please?