Thursday, June 12, 2008

Old news but good news

Yesterday, I was in a funk. Not a break out your flares funk, but more the kind that makes you feel like a big, useless slug.

What better way to cheer yourself up than to sit down on the sofa with some snacks?

MmmmmmmBacon Crackers. Everyone loves bacon crackers.

But wait!!! What's that?? That thing in my cracker box?



Not only is it yarn, it's fantabulous handpainted and handspun yarn from DudleySpinner!!

A while ago I sent the lovely Deb a care package from Northern Ireland, as she used to live here and was experiencing some withdrawal symptoms for tea. Personally, I still think I got the best end of the bargain, which now sits in much better light beside my laptop**

It's the first handspun that I've ever owned, and it's just fabulous. It's also about to be turned into one of Stefanie Japel's One Skein Wonders - a pattern that I've lusted after for a couple of years, but only got around to buying last week.

So I get to use genius yarn with a genius pattern, and hopefully have some non-knitter (and perhaps even knitterly) types mistake me for a genius when I parade around wearing the finished product this summer! Can I have a w00t!, please?

**The ball may very well be completely squished out of shape by the end of the day. I dare you not to fall victim to its "come hither" stares! It's the best kind of stressball in the world. (Yeah, did I mention we're househunting? Bleurgh)

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