Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Four seasons in one day

There's a wonderful saying in this part of the world that goes

If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes

Yesterday was no exception. It was a generally bleh day, overcast with some sun peeking through the gaps in the clouds. At some point in the late afternoon, it got very dark in the space of a couple of minutes, and we had one of the heaviest cloudbursts that I've ever seen.

It may appear that this picture is out of focus, but no, it's raining that heavily.

The good thing about rainy days, to look for the silver lining, is that there is absolutely no justification required for curling up on the sofa with some knitting, chocolate and something interesting on the gogglebox.

Clapotis, or Clah-poo-tee (in honour of Lime N Violet) is coming along well, and I managed to take some spectacularly crap photos of it, and the stitch dropping bit, which have been sent firmly to the recycle bin.

The yarn is Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb. Yup, it's rather damn expensive, considering it's a shawl and it takes 4 skeins, but the colour is fantastic, and I could just roll around in skeins of the stuff - it is positively lickable. Also, Kate Gilbert? Fricking genius.

I'm really enjoying the knitting of this piece. There is a lot to be said for using nice yarn and good needles. Knitting is such a tactile experience that one bad experience with squeaky acrylic or skin-peeling mercerised cotton can put someone off for years.

As lovely as clapotis/clah-poo-tee is, it's not really KIP type of stuff. Not once it gets past the first section or two at least. Hence my ever present sock project.

My second TOFUtsies sock is well on the way, and I even have a photo of the first one for you lovely people

Again, some very yummy yarn, and perfect for the Irish climate, as any day could involve showers and a heat wave all at once!
This yarn has the benefits of both cotton (but softer than most) and wool (but less sweaty than most). I can see myself buying several (dozen) more balls of this to make all my summer socks out of, while sticking to good old wool for the colder months.

Does anyone else have a summer sock yarn, and a winter one? Or am I just a weirdo as I do, yet don't live anywhere near the equator or Georgia...?

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