Monday, June 09, 2008

Times flies....literally

The last week was spent out of the country with work, which was both good and bad. Getting up at 4am to catch a flight is not my idea of fun, unless cocktails with little umbrellas in them await me on the other side. It was nice to see everyone though, and much fun was had.

Until my flight home, that is. Initially I was annoyed with myself when I woke up on Saturday morning, thinking that I'd overdone it on the wine and was paying the price. As it transpired over the next 48 hours, I actually had a stomach bug. Yay.

The airport in Amsterdam is great, and provided space for little old me to have a nap. This was a good thing, considering the way the day turned out, with one delay after another on both sides, and finishing in spectacular fashion as someone nicked my phone.

Again, the plus side is that I had it turned off and pin locked, so they've essentially stolen an expensive paperweight. I've lost my contact book, which is annoying, but fixable. Thanks to the nice man in the phone shop, I've also got the same number back, along with my credits, voicemails and all that jazz.

I got the sum total of zero stitches knitted, and purchased no yarn, which is an achievement. It really amazes me how sitting in a plane on a runway for an hour and a half makes you feel all McGuyver-like in the quest for potential knittable materials.

House hunting is also going on at the moment. OH has been doing the rounds all week, and we're going to another one today. We've actually found our perfect place. So perfect that we'd buy it tomorrow and move in as it is. There are, unfortunately, 3 other couples who want it as well, so the competition is on. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Looking forward to SnB this week. Have new shinies to show off :)

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